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A very comprehensive transit insurance cover against fire, collision and hijacking is included in all our quotations for more information regarding this please contact us for more about the cover we offer.

An all risk cover is also available, this important aspect of cover should be discussed with one of our consultants.


We supply all packing material that is required such as boxes, bubble plastic, mattresses and sofa covers and corrugated cardboard to cover delicate items.

Hanger boxes can also be supplied or requested to make the packing of clothes and wardrobes a hassle free experience.


Apart from our removal service, Van Rooyens also offers short and long term storage.

Regardless of the reason for storing your belongings, our storage facilities are secure, safe and reliable.


Tips on moving your pets: Schedule an examination with your veterinarian. Don't move your pet while the animal is sick, stress can aggravate an illness.

Your veterinarian may suggest a tranquiliser for your pets comfort.

Remember to update your pet's identification tags.

Remember to keep copies of your pet's health and vaccination records.


Transportation of electronic equipment.

Personal items and confidential documents.

Storage facilities.


Well equipped staff will ensure that the process of dismantling and re-assembling of office furniture runs smoothly.

The cleaning up of packing material immediately after unpacking, or at a pre-arranged date, leaves your new offices neat and ready for business.